The Ulitimate Flight Exhibition

About the Exhibition

Above and Beyond

One of the most interactive and inspiring exhibitions exploring flight ever to tour.

ABOVE AND BEYOND celebrates the power of innovation to make dreams take flight.

- Anna-Maria Rivas McGowan, NASA Aerospace Engineer

Looking back at the history of flight, one thing is clear: the sky was never the limit. From the moment human­kind got off the ground, the race was on to go beyond. Faster . . . farther . . . higher . . . smarter! Today, these goals and new visions propel aerospace innovators onward and upward.

What if we could . . .

  • Get airborne wherever and whenever we wanted?
  • Fly faster than the speed of sound without making a lot of noise and burning a lot of fuel to make supersonic flight the norm?
  • Design ultra-green flying machines to carry more people more places and treat the planet better?
  • Invent super smart flying robots to assist us in our daily lives, as delivery-bots, eco-bots, and more?
  • Build a new generation of reusable space vehicles to make trips to Earth orbit as common as air travel?

ABOVE AND BEYOND celebrates the power of innovation to make dreams take flight. This 5,00-square-meter traveling aerospace exhibition features: immersive simulations, interactive design challenges, iconic historical touchstones, visionary concepts for the future, and inspiring stories from game-changing innovators, past and present.

Design—and test-fly—your own supersonic jet. Pilot a drone into the eye of a hurricane to measure nature’s fury. Spread your wings and experience flight as a bird or a futuristic wing-flapping aircraft. Or take an elevator ride to the edge of space.

Packed with fun interactive challenges, vehicle concept models and prototypes, immersive media presentations, and inspiring stories, this large-scale exhibition invites you to experience what it takes to make the “impossible” possible. Explore ever more advanced aircraft and spacecraft that change our lives and transform our world. And join the epic journey into the sky and beyond!

Above and Beyond brings flight to life...

  • An expansive multitouch timeline
  • An immersive video experience
  • Five interactive galleries: Up, Faster, Farther, Higher, and Smarter
  • Interactive simulations and design activities
  • Stories about the people behind the advances in flight
  • A montage of dreamers and doers, who share their excitement for their jobs and the next century of flight
  • Add your own dreams to a collaborative vision of flight 100 years from now

Highlights of the Experience

ABOVE AND BEYOND is designed to ignite a passion for humankind’s greatest adventure: our journey of flight in the air and space. In doing so, it honors past world-changing innovations in flight, while looking ahead to what’s next and demonstrating the impact of aerospace breakthroughs in our everyday lives.

The exhibition also serves to inspire children and young adults to imagine future careers in aerospace and support educators in building science and technology career awareness and skills among all students.

ABOVE AND BEYOND creates an uplifting and memorable experience that encourages all visitors to aim high and push past the impossible limits in their lives.