8,400,000 boost level lbs. maxthrust higher
Things to do

Experience a flight to Mars

Experience first hand the marathon trip to Mars is an Augmented Reality exploration of the physical and psychological challenges inherent to a months-long journey.
Things to do

See the world from outer space

Look back at the Earth in a 360-degree view you’ve never experienced before.
Things to do

Ride a Space Elevator to orbit

Explore the layers of the atmosphere and the challenges and possibilities of high-altitude flight, during a visually stunning simulated ascent in a space elevator.
aircraftspeed non-stopdistance passengercapacity farther 5,000 miles 120 mach 1.8
Things to do

Race friends at the speed of sound

Design—and then fly—a fighter style jet in a virtual high-speed, high-flying multi-player competition.
Things to do

Design and
pilot a drone

Design and pilot an unmanned aerial vehicle over a range of missions—from gathering data inside a hurricane to tracking animal migration.
hover fans electricpowered flighttime smarter wing fans 47 hrs
Things to do

Explore flight in a wind tunnel

Experiment with the aerodynamics of supersonic flight by performing your own simulated wind tunnel test.
Things to do

Fly with a flock of birds

Explore the fundamental forces of flight—LIFT, WEIGHT, THRUST, and DRAG—in an amazing group flying game. Gesture tracking technology and computer graphics transform you into a bird.
1,650 speed faster mph
altitude a-389x 73v deg. N 6,832 ft
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